Beauty News: Shiseido’s Advanced Body Creator: Super Sliming Reducer

Beauty News: Shiseido’s Advanced Body Creator: Super Sliming Reducer


If the thought of getting your body out on the beach this summer is enough to make you hibernate until October, then Sheiseido’s new wonder cream may be the answer to your prayers.

Advanced Body Creator: Super Slimming Reducer is a highly advanced cream that will help to break down and prevent excess body fat. Its fat fighting system will sculpt your body into a more slim and toned shape thanks to the likes of Caffeine and Grapefruit Oil which both attack and prevent fat.

Better still,  it is also formulated with a double concentration of Fagus Sylvatica Extract which helps to promote the skin’s firmness, resulting in dimpled skin becoming less visible in a mere two weeks. SLM fragrance can also be found in the cream – a fast-working technology that helps to promote the release of noradrenalin and battle fat.

This revitalising and cooling gel cream gives a slight tingling sensation when applied which is a confirmation that the product is really working. Use twice daily to eliminate cellulite and excess fat.


Available at House of Fraser nationwide and

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